• HD Recording

    Super clear recording screen content: software operation, game live, network teaching, courseware production, online video, etc.

  • Video Editing

    Simple and powerful video editing function, can be added subtitles, music, Hollywood titles and filter effects with one click, giving you a hearty video editing experience

  • Featured Toolbox

    Format conversion, video merge, video cut, video watermark and other common functions are all available

Video editing has never been so easy and powerful

  • 1080P recording

    1080P ultra high-definition computer screencap to capture wonderful moments

  • Game recording

    Custom framerate and code rate of picture quality, perfectly record all popular games

  • Video editing

    Fast cutting and combination of video clips

  • Picture-in-picture

    Use picture-in-picture track to overlap multiple video clips

  • Text-to-speech

    Convert text into a voice segment by one touch

  • Tutorials/
    Films recording

    Ultra high-definition recording online learn- ing, coursework prepa- ration and online films

  • Green screen

    Change video back- ground by green screen image, matting for amazing special effects

  • Crop

    Cut video at any aspect ratio

  • Dubbing/

    Accurate recording of microphone audios to add fine background music to the works

Create as you please, and edit the world with one click

  • Game videos
  • Short videos
  • Life VLOG
  • Street snap on travel
  • Tutorial guide
  • Commercials
  • Micro film
  • Animated short films

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